Bigg Boss 13 – Arhaan Not To Tie The Knot With Rashami Any Sooner

Arhaan and Rashami were speculated to be in a relationship and it was being said that they would tie the knot in Bigg Boss but all the rumours were put to rest after his eviction in a short period. However, he is stepping in the house once again and rumours are rife that this time, he will propose to her.

Arhaan Khan
Arhaan Khan

Did Arhaan use Rashami’s name to get an entry in Bigg Boss?

Arhaan Khan was recently asked whether he took the name of Rashami for stepping in Bigg Boss 13 and in response, he said that he did not use anybody’s reference for getting work and this is something which is not appropriate as per his values.

A bond beyond friendship:

Arhaan did admit that he began to share with people what he feels for Rashami post his eviction from BB house; nevertheless, it wasn’t planned according to him and it’s just that a bond above friendship was formed gradually, a major reason for which was Rashami’s caring behaviour for him. He went on to say that Rashami cried on his ouster and whispered that she loved him and this all changed the way he used to look at their friendship.

Rashami Desai
Rashami Desai

Not in the mood to tie the knot anytime sooner:

Arhaan said that he missed Rashami when he came out of the house of Bigg Boss and now, he wishes to take the next step. However, he isn’t supposed to get married to her any sooner because their relationship needs some time to blossom.


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