Paras Girlfriend Akanksha Is Deeply Hurt With His Tattoo Remark Inside BB House

When Paras was in the BB house, he made a startling revelation that Akanksha forced him to get a tattoo of her name. She recently talked to a publication house and opened up on many things including struggles of Paras and how she and Paras’ mother are hurt by the statements made by him.

Akanksha Puri with Paras Chhabra
Akanksha Puri with Paras Chhabra

Akanksha is deeply hurt:

Akanksha says that she has been receiving many negative messages and hate comments and she was keeping a mum just because she did not want their relation to be a part of BB game. However, she is deeply hurt with Paras’ remarks as they both had a beautiful relation and even after ups and downs in each other’s lives, they were always together and supported one another. As per her, they did talk about strategies for his stay on BB house but she never expected him to use her name in a way to make her look so weak.

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Paras made the tattoo first:

Akanksha reveals that Paras wished to surprise her by getting the tattoo of her name on his hand and it was she who got his name tattooed after him. She never compelled the actor for anything and he did it for making her happy. They both were interacting through messages till the time he went in the BB house. He consoled her and asked her not to cry and now she is taking care of all his belongings. She sends him clothes inside the house, handles his bank accounts, phone and has the keys of his home too.

Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri
Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri

Paras has struggled a lot:

Akanksha says that Paras has struggled a lot and knows the value of money as his mother has raised him alone. Bigg Boss is the biggest platform of the career of Paras and he waited for a long time for it.

She also revealed that even Paras’ mother is very much upset with what he said about her as she is quite close to Akanksha. The Vighnaharta Ganesh actress also discloses that she ended her friendship with Sidharth Shukla because Paras is possessive and didn’t want her to talk to her male friends.


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