Bigg Boss 13 – Arhaan Khan Wants To Return On The Show & Propose To Rashami Desai

Rashami Desai, the beautiful actress, is one of the strongest contestants of the reality show Bigg Boss 13 and she is also not leaving any stone unturned in playing her game properly. She has a huge number of fans who want her to win the show and take the trophy home.

Rashami got upset with the eviction of Arhaan:

Arhaan Khan
Arhaan Khan

Earlier, Arhaan Khan got evicted from the show because of which Rashami was so upset that she locked herself inside the washroom. There were rumours that Arhaan and Rashami were dating each other before they entered the house of Bigg Boss. Undoubtedly, Arhaan and Rashami were quiet close inside the house and everybody was aware of the fact that they are a couple. Also read wikis details of Arhaan Khan Wiki, Sai Pallavi Wiki.

Arhaan would have proposed to Rashami:

After getting evicted from the show, Arhaan talked to a leading daily and said that he got the chance of knowing her best friend Rashami more while staying in the house. He also said that he would have proposed to Rashami if he had stayed for some more time inside the house as his feelings have changed a lot in the last two weeks.

Arhaan was a wild card contestant and he was inside the house for just two weeks which he considers not enough for showing his game.

Rashami’s former boyfriend Laksh Lalwani on her game:

Rashami Desai with Laksh Lalwani
Rashami Desai with Laksh Lalwani

Recently, Rashami’s former boyfriend Laksh Lalwani also talked about her and her game inside the BB house. During an interview to a leading portal, Laksh was asked whether he saw Rashami in the Bigg Boss 13 and in reply, he said that he had not watched the show till now.

Although Laksh said that he did not see Rashami in the show and had no knowledge about how she is playing, he still offered his best wishes to her for BB13. It was 2016 when Rashami and Laksh came close to each other after the former got separated from her husband Nandish Sandhu.

Is Rashami playing a good game according to you? Let us know your views.


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