Apple News Plus: Audio Stories Now in Beta

Apple News Plus has recently gotten an ‘Audio’ tab through which you can access the cut down audio versions of long news stories (sounds like a good news for those who can’t afford to spend minutes in reading long news articles) This feature was being worked on by Apple from the start of this year and the beta version is out now. The formal announcement for the new feature will probably be made at WWDC 2020.  If you have downloaded the iOS 13.5.5 beta, you will be able to find the ‘Audio” tab in the Apple News app.

Apple News Plus
Image Credit: Apple

The feature isn’t fully functional yet i.e. there aren’t any audio to be played, at least for now. Apple is currently working on acquiring licenses for making audio contents available on their news platform so even the beta testers might have to wait it out before they can fully try out the new feature. While working on acquiring licenses for already existing content, the company is also focusing on creating content of their own to be put up on Apple News Plus.

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The user interface of the new Apple News app matches that of Apple’s Podcasting app. There is also an option for speeding up playback and a rewind button, which will take you 15 seconds back. For those who want to read the full story, the audio will be backed by a link to the original article.

Apple News Plus
Image Credit: iLounge

You can access the audio stories feature only if you have subscribed to Apple News Plus, which costs you $9.99 per month. Apple is confident that this newly added feature is bound to attract more users to its subscription service.

We are still not sure when this feature will be made available to all users but since it’s already in beta phase, Apple will be launching the service sooner than later.


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