Netflix on Switch: When is it Coming or Has it Already?

Netflix hasn’t released an official app on Nintendo Switch. There is a way around to stream Netflix videos on your Switch but the process is relatively tricky and has to be done at your own risk.

If you are not in the mood of doing some creative Android installation in your Switch’s storage, you should probably stick to watching contents on YouTube and Hulu from your Switch. These apps are officially available on the Nintendo eStore and can be downloaded without any engineering. The official support for Netflix ended in January 2019 on Nintendo Wii. It is only a matter of time before the app is removed from the Wii U library as well. Netflix will probably be available on Switch then to compensate for the removals on Wii and Wii U.

Netflix on Switch
Image Credit: Nintendo Life

A bunch of modders at XDA Developers have made it possible to run some version of Android on Switch thereby making it more of an Android tablet. Not all the apps on the PlayStore will be supported but the developers are working hard to make things better. You can even browse the web using Google Chrome or listen to music on Spotify if things don’t go south with your Android installation on Switch.

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Keep in mind that you will be installing Android at your own risk and to be honest, the installation process itself isn’t a cakewalk. You could even be playing PUBG Mobile on your Switch but all of that comes at a price i.e. you risk bricking your Switch if you aren’t careful enough while adding the new operating system.

Android apps requiring permission for camera or GPS won’t work because your Switch console does not have any of these. Your Joycons can no longer be paired with the Android running. Netflix on Switch will work this way but there are many known issues, so much so that they might even push you away from getting into this Android installation trouble at all.

Netflix on Switch
Image Credit: Nintendo

Your console’s battery life will drop beyond your expectations with it running an unoptimized (and of course, unsupported) operating system. And to make things worse, auto rotation isn’t supported.

Who is Responsible for Netflix Not Being on Switch?

That would be the group of app developers at Netflix. The streaming service is available even on toasters these days (well, not really!) but it’s not available on Switch. I mean, Nintendo has nothing to do with developing the Netflix app for their console. Nintendo built the Switch and they are already developing great games for it but all these 3rd party apps are to be developed by respective owners themselves.

There’s a reason why Netflix isn’t available on Switch though. Anyone who owns a Switch (handheld gaming console is an accessory and not a necessity) would definitely be having a smartphone (or I don’t know, TV?) at his disposal. Since Netflix is supported on all other platforms including Smart TVs, virtually every phone with a 4-inch touchscreen, every game console (excluding Switch, of course), why would anyone want to watch Netflix on a device, which they bought for handheld gaming? I mean, why don’t you just go and defeat Wario and watch Netflix later on your phone or TV?


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