5 Magnifying Glass Apps Are Worth Trying For Every Android and iOS Users

Are you tired of looking for your glasses every time you need to read tiny texts? With the magnifying glass app, you can easily zoom all the small fonts via your camera and read them easily. While sometimes, you forget to carry your glasses with you, your phone is there for you, to assist you whenever & wherever. Hence, it turns into a savior with its magnifying glass app when you are not able to read due to its tiny size. Also read about Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Charging.

The magnifying app is present in your iPhone and can be enabled in settings under general> accessibility> magnifier. However, different magnifying glass apps are available and support Android and iOS devices. These apps even offer additional features like ready flashlights and color filters. The top 5 such magnifying glass apps are listed below.

5 Magnifying Glass Apps That Are Beneficial for Everyone

1. Magnifying Glass + Flashlight App

magnifying glass app
magnifying glass app

The Magnifying Glass + Flashlight App is one of the best magnifying glass apps which can magnify any image to make the items easily readable. This app is supported on android and iOS devices. Through the camera, this app allows easy magnification of tiny texts and makes them readable. The image can be zoomed according to requirements with the help of the slider. Moreover, it uses a flashlight for reading something in the darkness.

Pros of Using Magnifying Glass + Flashlight App

  • It allows freezing of the image that the camera is viewing.
  • You can access the brightness slider and read light features.
  • Supported in both Android and iOS devices.


  • Flashlight turns on instantly after opening the app.
  • The text in the instructions is very tiny.

2. NowYouSee Helping Colour Blind

magnifying glass
magnifying glass

This app is an excellent app, developed specifically by keeping in mind those individuals who are color blind. This free app is supported on Android and iOS devices and has a zooming feature that can be used by pinching the screen for magnifying the image. Several tools are available that are beneficial for the color blind, like the color detection tool which labels the color of the image you are looking at.

Pros of Using NowYouSee

  • You can get the additional feature of magnifying photos being stored on your device.
  • There are various options beneficial for color-blind individuals.


  • The color blind test is not an in-app feature.
  • It is difficult to cancel the color detection tool.

3. BigMagnify Free

Big magnify
Big magnify

The BigMagnify Free app is a free  app, supported by iOS devices. The  app is supported from iPhone 7 onwards and uses the phone camera to magnify any text. It also uses a flashlight to read texts and helps to read in darkness. The in-app filters improve the quality of the text and make each letter stand out by making it bold and giving a white outline too.

Pros of Using BigMagnify

  • In-app features of making the texts stand out.
  • You can turn on the LED flashlight for more clear reading.


  • It is difficult to understand and use.
  • Small icons are hard to locate.

4. Magnifying Glass App


The magnifying glass app that is free of cost is supported in android devices functions efficiently by magnifying texts in good quality. The texts can be magnified up to 10 times more than the normal size. Additional filters are available for better reading and are very easy to use.

Pros of Using Magnifying Glass App

  • You can avail of filter, lighting, and zoom features.
  • Both pinch & slider options for magnification are available.


  • In-app ads are irritating.
  • The buttons are of very small size.

5.Reading Glasses

This excellent app is available for Android devices and comes with super large icons that are easy to see & use even if you have poor eyesight. The images can be magnified by using the plus button or by pinching the screen. Additional tools & filters gels in clarity of texts.

Pros of Using Reading Glass

  • Huge icons that are easy to locate.

  • It is easy to handle.


  • A slider is absent for magnification.

  • Graphic design is common.

Take Away Thoughts

The magnifying glass app is helpful and turns your phone into a magnifying glass and helps you out in reading those texts which can’t be read with naked eyes. However, the quality of the magnified image depends on your device’s camera as these magnifying glass apps use your cell phone’s cameras for the magnification of small texts.

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