Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Charging: Here’s How to Fix it!

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch is not charging even if you have plugged everything in place, follow this checklist for troubleshooting the issue. It’s a rather common issue with Samsung Galaxy Watch that we are addressing in this guide.

Samsung Galaxy Watch not Charging
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Here are the things you need to do before you get that Samsung Galaxy Watch up and running:

Reboot the Samsung Galaxy Watch That no Longer Charges

I have had a ‘no charging’ issue with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 as well and with it, almost always, a system reboot cuts it.

Most probably, it’s an underlying software bug that’s causing your Samsung Galaxy Watch to not charge. Before initiating a restart, make sure you have at least 10% battery remaining because rebooting usually puts a severe load on the processor and the watch’s juice can run out pretty quick. What’s the worst that could happen? You would end up with a bricked Samsung Galaxy Watch because it ran out of battery in the middle of a reboot causing a permanent software failure that can only be fixed by initiating a system restore.

To reboot your Samsung Galaxy Watch, press and hold the ‘Home’ button and a menu will pop up. Tap on ‘Power Off’ from this menu.

After a complete shutdown, press and hold the power button again to reboot it. After the OS on your watch gets loaded, put it back on the wireless charging dock and see if the issue’s been fixed.

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Power Up the Wireless Charging Dock via USB Port on Your Laptop

Directly connecting to a wall outlet is the recommended way to charge your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch but if that’s not working for you, try plugging the USB cable into one of those ports on your laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Watch not Charging
Image Credit: Amazon

Check the Connections for Wireless Charger

Although there isn’t any wire coming from the charging dock to your phone, you will see there’s one going from the dock to the wall outlet.

Even if the LED on your wireless charging dock is on and the watch isn’t charging, you will have to skip to the next step.

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The wireless charging dock will not work if your wall outlet is unable to dispatch the threshold voltage. Check the wireless charging dock for signs of damage and make sure the wire hasn’t gotten loose. Make sure the contact surfaces on the charging dock as well as the watch are clean. You can use Isopropyl alcohol and a clean piece of microfiber cloth to wipe any stray marks on those surfaces.

Should the indicator not light up even if you connect the dock to another power outlet, you can rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with your watch and it’s actually a circuit issue within the charging unit. If it’s still under warranty, you can send the wireless charging dock for repair at a Samsung Service Center near you.

If the above-mentioned steps don’t fix the issue of your Samsung Galaxy Watch not charging, it’s time you had sent the watch for repair at an authorized Samsung repair facility. Never have your Samsung Galaxy Watch repaired at random watch repair stores. Samsung Galaxy Watch has its internals packed compactly and only the trained technicians at Samsung are well qualified for disassembling the watch.


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