Is AVG VPN Worth It? In Depth Review

For those who have used AVG Antivirus on their PCs (and had a relatively easy life with no virus attacks) and are expecting similar outcomes with AVG VPN, you might want to brace for some impact with this newly introduced web privacy service. Go through this AVG VPN Review and decide if you really want to pay for the service (you may end up skipping AVG VPN, to be honest). Also check our latest VPN app for free: Rush VPN – Free, Fast, Unlimited – No Login VPN.

AVG VPN is not as Efficient as the Antivirus

When you hear the name AVG VPN, you would definitely expect this service to be one of the best in the market. However, I didn’t have the greatest experience using the trial version of this application on my PC. I have been using Nord VPN for the past 3 years and I don’t remember having issue with download speed, streaming quality, game server ping or anything that would be impacted while network traffic is being rerouted through a VPN. AVG VPN is equally great for those who don’t care about speed too much (now I highly doubt if there’s anyone who doesn’t care about download speed) but when it comes to network latency and stability (or even server availability), it may not meet your expectations.

Supporting only 2 protocols, pushing the speed down to as low as only 50% of your ISP’s allocated bandwidth and not supporting Netflix streaming, you might want to rethink before subscribing to AVG VPN.

At a Glance

  1. Where are AVG VPN servers located? A total of 50 servers (only) are spread across the globe in 36 countries.
  2. Is AVG VPN easy to use? Yes! Connect to the internet, launch the application and you are ready to go!
  3. Does AVG VPN support safe torrent downloading? It does but the support is very limited so that’s one more reason not to subscribe.
  4. How is the pricing? AVG VPN’s pricing is reasonable at $4.99 per month (if you pay for 1 year at once). Those paying for 2 or 3 years in advance get the subsidized rate of $3.99 per month. A free 14-day trial (no credit card needed) is also available for those who wish to try out the service before making an investment.
AVG VPN Review
Image Credit: AVG

Then Why Use AVG VPN?

With AVG VPN, you rest assured that your real IP or DNS will never be leaked. The level of encryption and overall security is solid enough to prevent such leaks from occurring. With AVG VPN running, I ran IP and DNS leak test on a couple of websites and of course, none of my valuable data was leaked.

During my AVG VPN Review session, the service left no stone unturned to hide my actual location and safeguard my original IP and DNS. Good news for those who are careful about not leaking their IPs and DNS!

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AVG VPN Support

AVG VPN provides top notch chat support (with virtually zero wait times) and you can also find answers to your specific queries in the community support page.

To access chat support, head to the AVG VPN’s official website and find the ‘Contact Us’ option and enter the sale support area. Provide your essential credentials (including the email address using which you subscribed to their service) and wait for a representative to join you. Remember you are with sale support agent here so only the most basic queries will be answered here. If you have a very specific technical query, you will be redirected to the actual technical support department (and the wait time is no longer than 5 minutes). You can also find answers to most of the technical queries in the community discussion section. Fellow AVG VPN users are always looking for solutions to technical issues they have come across by posting a discussion in the community forums.

AVG VPN Review
Image Credit: AVG

Let us know in the comments below if you are a user of AVG VPN and tell us why you subscribed to the service. That wraps up our review of AVG VPN.

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Try WTFast (a GPN)!

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