Best Nova Launcher Themes of 2021: Checking Them Out!

Nova Launcher Themes
Image Credit: Nova Launcher

Getting to Know Nova Launcher Themes

Nova Launcher is the most downloaded app on the Google Play Store for modifying your phone’s home screen with thousands of customizations for a faster UI experience. With Nova Launcher, you can enjoy the newer features introduced only in the latest version of Android on any phone you own. Nova Launcher is fully compatible with most of the Icon themes already on the Play Store. For those who use their phones till 3 AM in the morning, Nova now comes with dark theme. You’ve also got an app drawer for keeping all the apps that matter to you the most!

The animations featured in Nova Launcher make any phone feel smoother because the transitions and swapping are all so perfect.

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If you are new to Nova Launcher, you may not be familiar enough with themes and icon packs that are designed to be integrated with the Launcher. Here are the best Nova Launcher themes that you can download right now!

List of Best Nova Launcher Themes


CandyCons boasts over 1,127 awesome-looking icons and around 20 wallpapers.  The icons featured in CandyCons are crafted so well with special attention to even the smallest details and that’s why the icons look way better compared to the ones included in any other Nova Launcher Theme. CandyCons icons designs are based on the color palette from Google. CandyCons is available for free but if you want an even better-looking phone, you should check out CandyCons Unwrapped (from the same guys who made CandyCons), which comes at a price of $1.49.


This one’s got to be my favorite because the icons have round edges and they are all so good-looking! H2O is based on the default themes of OnePlus devices powered by Oxygen OS. H2O icon pack for Nova Launcher features over 4,430 icons and a few eye-popping wallpapers.


Housing over 2,000 custom icons and compatibility with more than 20 launchers, Delta has been downloaded over a million times from Play Store and is one of the best Nova Launcher themes available today. The custom icons featured in Delta are made for those who loathe high contrast colors. Combined with some of the finest wallpapers, these icons will leave no stone unturned to remodel your phone.

Nova Launcher Themes
Image Credit: Nova Launcher


Lines is quite different for the fact that its icons aren’t based on Google’s material design. Lines Icon Pack comes out of the box with over 200 wallpapers, 2100 icons, and also an analog clock that looks picture-perfect with Nova Launcher.

The only downside of Lines is that it may be, at times, difficult to search for apps because of the soft white icon edges.


Love it all dark? Viral Icon Pack is here to serve you!

All of the icons featured in Viral have a shadowy tenor to accompany your dark wallpapers. Viral comes with over 200 wallpapers built-in but should you fall in love with none of them, you can explore more by downloading them from the in-app store.

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The Bottom Line

Using Nova Launcher Themes, you can make your phone run like a new one and make it look freezing cool with all those customizations. Let us know in the comments about your favorite Nova Launcher Theme.

And click here to push download Nova Launcher on your phone!


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