Snapchat Dark Mode: How to Enable?

If you have enabled dark mode on your Android from Settings, most of your apps including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram will be automatically configured to run in dark theme. However, Snapchat hasn’t gotten a dark mode update so you have to find a way around to run Snapchat in dark theme.

Dark mode is not officially available for Snapchat on Android and iPhone so even if you have configured your phone to run all the apps in dark theme, Snapchat’s UI will still remain the same. Even with dark mode turned on for Google Chrome on Windows 10, the Snapchat website fails to patch together with the web browser. Developers at Snapchat haven’t really thought about dark mode yet so here’s how you can manually configure Snapchat to display everything at colors, which are less straining to your eyes.

Forcing Snapchat Low Light Mode for Taking Snaps

Snapchat features dynamic adaptation to environmental lighting. The built-in low light mode in Snapchat will make sure that your snaps don’t look oh-so weird even if they were shot under an utterly dark stairway. The low light mode kicks right in when the light received by your lens isn’t enough and of course, if you somehow reduce the amount of light entering your lens (say, by blocking the lens using your finger) in broad daylight, the mode will be activated. Now, that’s dark mode enabled for your snaps, and no, the whole app won’t be forced to run in dark mode if you were to just block the lens using your fingers and initialize the low light mode.

Snapchat Dark Mode
Image Credit: Snapchat

Does the Low Light Mode Remain on While I’m Recording my Snap?

No. Once the Snapchat app detects that you were only manually blocking the light, the low light mode will be disabled. Therefore, you might want to capture that snap post-haste.

Dark Mode on Jailbroken iPhone and Rooted Android

If you an iPhone user, the very first step to using Snapchat in dark mode would be to jailbreak your device using Cydia but if I were you, I would never do that. I would rather give up on Snapchat than to jailbreak my iPhone for all this.

On a Cydia jailbroken iPhone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the installer for iFile. This app can be used for installing modded applications on your iPhone.

Step 2: Nightmare files can be downloaded here and installed using iFile app.

Step 3: Launch the iFile app and head to the download location using the file browser. Simply locate the Nightmare Package on your internal storage and begin the installation.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to finish. Don’t expect to see everything go dark in Snapchat just yet. You need to restart your device for changes to be effective.

Snapchat Dark Mode
Image Credit: Snapchat

Snapchat Dark Mode in Rooted Android

Snapchat can be forced to run in dark mode using Substratum Theme Engine on rooted Android devices. Simply launch PlayStore and type “Substratum Theme Engine” on the search bar. After installation, launch the engine and select any of the dark modes from the list. Afterward, choose your Android device and the app for which you want to enable dark mode. Tap on the ‘Install’ button to load the required files for your app and device of choice. Restart your Android after the installation completes and now, you should be able to run Snapchat in dark mode.

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The Bottom Line

  1. Snapchat does not officially support dark mode. You need to jailbreak your device and install third-party applications to enable dark mode.
  2. Switching on low light mode during daytime is simple. Just block that lens and record your snap right away!


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