MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade Now Costs Twice

If you had ordered the RAM upgrade for your MacBook Pro before this hike came into effect, you don’t need to worry.

If you own the entry-level MacBook Pro and were looking forward to upgrading the RAM, we’ve got something that may not sound great to you. You will be paying $200, which is twice of what it used to cost previously, to upgrade from your RAM from 8GB to 16GB.

MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade
Image Credit: Apple Insider

Apple has rather labeled the latest increase in fees for the MacBook Pro RAM upgrade as a price correction. Upgrading RAM on other models of Mac (MacBook Air and iMac included) from 8GB to 16GB costs $200 and Apple has decided to match the upgrade costs on all its devices. The charge hike is aimed at at keeping the upgrade price constant across all Mac devices. However, if you had paid for the upgrade way before the announcement of this hike, Apple won’t charge you the extra $100.

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The entry level MacBook Pro is powered by the old LPDDR3 memory instead of the latest LPDDR4X, which is powering all other Mac devices. Even the MacBook Air 2019 base model boasts the DDR4 memory and the exact same charge for upgrading the RAM, be it DDR3 or DD4, does not sound right. You would be paying a whopping $200 and still be getting a RAM that went out of trends years ago.

MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade
Image Credit: SlashGear

Only refreshed last month, the entry level MacBook Pro now features the Apple’s Magic Keyboard. Models from previous years came with the heavily criticized Butterfly keys, which didn’t take long to go out of order. The macOS Catalina 10.15.5 upgrade has also added the Battery Health feature to most of the MacBooks. For entry level MacBook Pro, Apple hasn’t changed much with last month’s minor upgrade except the keyboard and the revised price for RAM upgrade.


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