Quibi: Stream Content to an AirPlay Compatible Device

Quibi shows can only be watched on phones. That’s no longer true!

AirPlay compatible devices will be able to receive video feed from Quibi on your phone allowing you to watch your favorite clips on a larger screen. Tom Conrad, in his latest tweet, also confirmed that the cast support was coming to Android devices in June.

Image Credit: Quibi

It’s not very straightforward to share the contents from Quibi to your social media. For instance, you can’t take screenshots when a video is playing barring you from sharing your favorite snapshots. However, in a recent interview with the founder, it was revealed that sharing feature would be added to Quibi in the near future. We are still not sure if the company is planning to lift the screenshot restrictions or come up with something new way. The ability to share content off Quibi on social media would somehow influence more users to join the service.

The exact time when this feature will be unlocked has not been announced yet but the company will make this addition sooner than later.  Quibi was originally designed to be a watch on the go service but people wouldn’t hate it if they had the ability to cast their content on a larger screen. The app’s launch has been catastrophic but the company is keeping the hopes high and introducing features to attract more users into using their service.

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Image Credit: Quibi

Quibi came out in early April and has an active userbase of over 1.3 million. While it’s true that this number is pretty low especially when compared to other streaming services (Disney Plus, for instance, has reached the 55 million mark already), the company has not given up and is working hard to improve the user experience. Let us know in the comments below if you will be giving this app a try.


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