Victoria DiGiorgio Wiki – A Woman Who Always Stands For Ideologies

The wife of infamous personality John Gotti, Victoria DiGiorgio, is half Russian and Italian. She is known for being humble and a calm personality. Unfortunately, John A Gotti died in 2002 due to throat cancer and left his family alone. They had to face a media storm and backlashes because of John’s criminal activities. Although John was the leader of the Gambino crime family, the family lived a normal lifestyle and didn’t forget the traditional value as well.

Victoria got to know about his criminal activities when he was arrested in 1998. She always fought with him to leave this crime job, but he didn’t listen. Also, their elder son John Gotti Jr. joined his father’s business and became the boss from 1992 to 1999.

Victoria DiGiorgio

Victoria DiGiorgio
Victoria DiGiorgio

Early Life

Victoria was born in Brooklyn, NewYork, on 5 December 1942 to an Italian father, and mother who was a Russian. Her parents got divorced when she was 2 years old. Later, she lived with her mother. She was raised in Brooklyn and completed her studies from there. Also read about, Shloka Mehta, Bandgi Kalra.

People believed that Victoria DiGiorgio inherited over a million dollars from her mother. She met her husband John Gotti, in a bar in 1958. According to the reports, the duo fell in love instantly and started dating. Finally, they got married in 1962. The couple was proud parents of 5 kids. It was in March 1980, when their 12-year old son Frank was killed after a car crashed into him. After his death, Victoria went into depression. However, the family cheered up each other and went for vacations.

The Romance of Victoria DiGiorgio and John Gotti

The couple was also famous for the romance between them. They were always spotted together. Once in an interview, Victoria revealed that they usually spend time at the racetracks. As both love watching races.

John gave her around $50 dollars to bet on horses, but just like other wives who believe in saving money, Victoria bet only $20 and save $30 for home expenses. When John got to know about this he laughed and used to call him a Jew. Also, the love between the two grew for each other as time passed by.

She was not at all happy with his husband’s criminal activities. John Gotti became the head of the Gambino crime family. It was the most dominated family that was popular for criminal activities in New York.

Being the leader of the crime family, he was involved in loan sharking, extortion, and drug trafficking. Victoria was known for her calm personality and as a gentlewoman. She often fought with John to stop these heinous acts, but it was difficult to stop him.

TV Series and Movies That Revealed The Story Behind The Gotti’s family

You might remember Victoria (daughter of Victoria and John) from a popular reality TV series, Growing Up Gotti which was broadcasted from 2002 to 2004. But she has also written a popular autobiography that is entitled as This Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing up Gotti. Victoria is also the author of I’ll Be Watching You and The Senator’s daughter.

Victoria DiGiorgio with Husband John Gotti

Several movies and TV series are released about this criminal family. If you haven’t watched any and are interested to know about them, then watch Getting Gotti, The Big Heist, Gitti, a film that starred John Travolta.

Victoria DiGiorgio is a tough woman and has faced difficulties because of her infamous husband. But she still stands for right and believes in ideologies.

Victoria DiGiorgio Wiki & Biography

  • Name: Victoria DiGiorgio
  • DOB: 5 December 1942
  • Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
  • Known for: Wife of Criminal John Gotti
  • Work: Homemaker
  • Sunsign: Sagittarius
  • Ethnicity: Italian-Russian
  • Marriage Date: 6 March 1962.
  • Favorite Actor: Eddie Redmayne
  • Favorite Actress: Emma Stone
  • Favorite Place: London
  • Kids: Angel Gotti, Victoria Gotti, Peter Gotti Jr., Frank Gotti, and John A, Gotti

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