Paras Calls Shefali Buddhi, Shefali’s Husband Parag Reacts & Calls Paras Naali Ka Keeda

Paras Chhabra has been in limelight for some time but for all the wrong reasons. Recently Paras called Shefali Zariwala Buddhi (old) and this time too, the latter’s husband Parag Tyagi supported her while slamming Paras who was once his good friend. Parag says that Shefali is 34 while Paras is 31 so it means that he is Buddha too.

Parag Tyagi with wife Shefali Zariwala
Parag Tyagi with wife Shefali Zariwala

Parag Tyagi on Paras:

As per Parag, it’s the high time that Paras should be evicted from the house as he doubts the credibility of Bigg Boss and thinks that only he is running the show since once he asked to keep other contestants who are running the show.

The dirty mindset of Paras is being revealed:

Parag says that the way Paras is behaving shows his dirty mindset; he doesn’t respect women, uses abusive language in front of them and has no realisation of his acts. For instance, once Mahira told him that he abused and he straightway denied doing it when in actual fact, he did.

Paras Chhabra
Paras Chhabra

He even goes on to say that Paras needs medical help and as far as calling Shefali Buddhi is concerned, he is also Buddha because he is just three years younger to Shefali. He further expresses his annoyance by asking whether Paras thinks of himself as a kid of 20.

Parag calls Paras ‘Naali Ka Keeda’:

Parag also praises Asim Riaz as he stood up for Shefali and then says that Paras is probably insecure in the presence of his wife as she is a stronger contender than him. Parag goes on to call Paras a parasite and says that Shefali has handled even worse people than him earlier. Parag also calls Paras ‘Naali Ka Keeda’ and says that he will show Paras his place if Bigg Boss permits him to get inside just for a couple of days.


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