How to Cancel Hulu Subscription (and Switch to Netflix)?

Want to cancel Hulu subscription? Here’s a step by step guide for doing just that!

The steps in this guide were followed on the latest version of Google Chrome available at the time of preparing this tutorial. We recommend checking for the latest update to your web browser while also making sure Java is up to date so that you don’t run into issues with all those Java scripts running on the website.

Cancelling your Hulu subscription is pretty straightforward unless you are trying to access the website via Internet Explorer on one of those Windows 98 powered white CPUs from the late 90s.

When you are ready to say goodbye, launch Google Chrome and head to this website.

Step 1: If you are trying to access Hulu from outside the USA, you need to set up a VPN connection and have your network credentials adjusted to trick the system into thinking you are just some guy in the USA trying to watch some Hulu after a hard day of work.

Step 2: You should already be signed in to Hulu if you watch your shows in the web browser. The official Hulu app on the Microsoft Store is a disaster because (and this comes straight from my experience) it takes way more time to load the videos when compared to accessing them directly on Google Chrome. Sign in to your Hulu account by accessing the ‘Log In’ button in the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the ‘3 bar’ icon located at the upper right corner of your screen.

Cancel Hulu
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Step 3: Once you have provided your account credentials and pressed on the grey ‘Log In’ button, you will arrive at your content page. This is where you can jump back to that episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine you couldn’t finish watching last night because you dozed off. See your name at the top of the page? Click on your name and a drop-down menu will appear.

From the drop-down menu, click on ‘Account’ to access additional settings for your profile.

Step 4: You will be taken to the ‘Manage Your Account’ section. The last option among those 3 listed on the left is for cancelling your subscription. Click on the blue ‘CANCEL’ button to continue.

Hulu will now try its best to persuade you into letting them charge your credit card for the rest of your life. Firstly, Hulu will suggest that you pause the subscription instead of entirely cancelling it. That way, you could always jump back to your account when you feel like it and Hulu won’t charge you.

Don’t want anyone convincing you to keep your Hulu? Alright! Just click on the grey ‘Continue to Cancel’ button.

Cancel Hulu
Image Credit: Hulu

I don’t feel comfortable clicking on grey buttons but I feel safe if it’s a green one I’m pressing. Wait! Is that a marketing strategy HULU?

Step 5: You can provide the reason for why you no longer wanted Hulu to keep charging your credit card in the next page that appears. If you don’t want to provide any comments and rather bail out, select the last option that says ‘Temporary, I will be back” and click on ‘Continue to Cancel’.

Here comes another offer! This is the pièce de résistance Hulu has to keep you going with the subscription. You will be offered 2 weeks of Hulu but that should not stop you from clicking on ‘Cancel Subscription’ button (that’s grey again).

Farewell Hulu! You won’t be able to stream your shows using this account after the end of the ongoing billing cycle. If you are unable to cancel Hulu after following these steps, send an email to the official Hulu support team and they should handle your issue.

Switching to Netflix is fairly simple. Just give them your credit card info!


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