Bigg Boss 13 – Gauhar Khan Slams Paras Chhabra For Calling Siddharth ’40 Saal Ka Buddha’

Bigg Boss 13 and its contestants are constantly in news because of the controversial statements made by them inside the house.

Old man

Siddharth Shukla
Siddharth Shukla

Siddharth Shukla has often been targeted by other contestants and some of them make fun of him by calling him “40 saal ka Buddha”. In the BB Transport Services task also, Sid was once again called the same after his team made things difficult for Paras Chhabra and his team.

Kitchen work

As there is no assistance provided in the BB house, the inmates have to do all the household work on their own. Since most of the Indian males feel that the household and kitchen chores are duties of females, some male contestants of BB 13 refer to each other as janani and make fun by saying “ladki waali harkat” when they have to carry out household work in the house.

Paras Chhabra
Paras Chhabra

Gauhar Khan’s reaction

This all did not go well with Gauhar Khan who has won the seventh season of Bigg Boss and she went on to slam the contestants for using the word ‘janani’.

She was praised by the social media users for taking a stand on this matter and in a reply to one of the users, Gauahar made it clear that she also doesn’t like somebody being called 40 ‘saal ka Buddha’ or ‘Buddhi’ as age is just a number.

Gauhar Khan
Gauhar Khan

Even though she did not take anybody’s name, it is clear that this statement has been targeted at Paras Chhabra.

What is your take in this regard?


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