Bigg Boss 13 – Arti Singh Had Anxiety Attack, Bipasha Basu, Ankita, Krushna & Others Supported

TV actress Arti Singh recently suffered an anxiety attack inside the house of Bigg Boss 13 and while half of the inmates felt that she was acting, social media was flooded with supportive messages from fans and celebs including Bollywood beauty Bipasha Basu.

Arti Singh
Arti Singh

Arti Singh got panicked:

Arti Singh was already a little tense as she had been nominated this week and after the verbal spat with Paras, she had a mental breakdown in the house. Because of the anxiety attack, she cried vociferously and somehow the situation was controlled as Shefali and Himanshi took care of her.

Insensitive attitude

While Shefali and Himanshi were helping Arti, many inmates felt that Arti is just acting and nothing has happened to her. On social media also, there were some people who made fun of her but a powerful message was sent to all such people by the Instagram account of Arti. A video has been posted with the strong caption.

TV & Bollywood Celebs spoke up

Arti Singh got the support of many celebs including her brother Krushna Abhishek.

Bollywood actress and close friend of Arti, Bipasha Basu took to social media and expressed her unhappiness over the state of Mental Health awareness.

Bipasha Basu's comment
Bipasha Basu’s comment

Actress Ankita Lokhande and former BB contestant Manu Punjabi also showed their support to Arti, asking her to be strong and brave.

Ankita Lokhande's comment
Ankita Lokhande’s comment

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