Karma on Reddit: Fool Proof Ways to Get More Karma!

Karma on Reddit: What is it?

Karma on Reddit is basically the number of upvotes your answers have received put against the number of downvotes.

If you want to create your own subreddit, you need to have ample Karma for getting started. Having enough Karma also lets you join exclusive communities on Reddit. Want to stand out among your friends and show them who the real Redditor is? If you’ve got the highest amount of Karma, you’re it!

Karma on Reddit

What Does Having High Karma on Reddit Mean?

If your posts and comments are liked by a lot of people, you are going to have a higher Karma rating. Say someone with an 8000 Karma answers your question but there’s also a bunch of freaks with 24 Karma that are suggesting to throw your laptop into a trash can, you are more likely to go with what the 8000 Karma guy has to say.

Higher Karma doesn’t necessarily mean all your answers are going to be valid but it definitely means most of your posts have made people happy and they have upvoted your comments.

There are two types of Karma on Reddit: Comment Karma and Post Karma

In order to boost your Karma, all you have to do is create more posts (of something that people might find funny or maybe something that people care about) and respond to a bunch of them questions with meaningful replies to get upvoted.

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Getting More Karma

Here are 7 failsafe ways to boost your Karma rating on Reddit become the ultimate Redditor in that school group of yours!

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  1. Invest in New and Rising Posts

Even if you posted where ISIS’s headquarter was located but nobody sees your post because it ended up buried among other contents on Reddit, it would have been for nothing. Say you commented on an Xbox One disk ejection query from way back in 2013 but nobody seems to care what you have written because hardly anybody is going to recheck the thread that was started when iPhone 6 came out. It doesn’t matter even if you create a video tutorial and put it up on an age-old post from Obama’s reign, barely anyone will notice that video you made and you will end up earning zero upvotes. That’s why Karma hunters should head straight to new and trending posts and start commenting!

  1. Respond to Keep it Going

Even if it’s a simple thanks, you should leave no stone unturned to appreciate others who comment on your post. Try to get people to notice your post by thanking them whenever possible and letting them know their comment was of utmost help. They will probably upvote your post because you just thanked them!

  1. Larger Subreddits=More Karma

If it’s only Karma you’re after, you should definitely check out the subreddits with a relatively massive Redditor base (r/funny and r/todayilearned, for instance).

It’s true that you can earn Karma in smaller niches but the rate at which you gather those points is relatively higher in the case of larger subreddits. Therefore, your aim isn’t only to zero in on smaller subreddits that you really love but to also keep an eye on larger subreddits!

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  1. 6 AM to 8 AM on Sunday Mornings (It’s Reddit Time!)

That’s when most people from your region are on Reddit. Creating a post during peak hours can result in a sudden view surge and you might find your post trending in no time.

  1. Want More Audience? Post Better Stuffs

If your comments are seriously informative or if you upload funny stuffs, you are bound to get more upvotes! Take your audience where they want to go! Don’t forget to have eye-catching titles for your posts! If the title is boring, you know what everybody is going to do.

Which one would you click on? Let us know in the comments below!

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