4 Simple Ways When Xbox One Stuck On the Green Screen

Sometimes while using the Xbox One, you may encounter the problem when the screen turns green and you cannot perform multiple activities. Most people don’t know how to solve this problem and restart using the Xbox once again. This thing may happen if you are using an old system. The system needs to be upgraded after a certain period. The system update failure by your Xbox one is the main cause behind the problem encountered.

Also, viruses can damage the hard disk, and hard disk corruption also leads to the green screen in the Xbox one. This loading screen problem can be solved and all the games and the data related can be recovered by following some easy steps. So, before knowing the solutions when Xbox One stuck on the green screen, understand the reasons for the same.

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Reasons Behind the Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen

If a green screen is appearing on your Xbox one, it is not a rare thing. It is one of the most common problems that is encountered by several Xbox one users. Now let’s take a look at the causes behind this problem.

  1. Communication Error

    The Xbox One works while it remains connected to Windows. In case the Windows server and the Xbox one server are not compatible with each other a communication error might occur. This issue may eventually lead to the Xbox one loading screen to stuck on a green screen.

  2. Failure of the System

    The updates in an Xbox one are downloaded automatically. Whenever the device detects an update it downloads and the software gets updated. The updated software boosts the overall performance of the system. During the update, if processing fails for some reason, then this may also lead to a  green screen appearing in Xbox One.

  3. Interruption during System Update

    Xbox One stuck on the green screen
    Xbox One stuck on the green screen

    In standby mode, the console of the Xbox one has permission to perform an update to the existing system. In this case, you have to switch the ‘Instant On’ option on. While downloading the system update or while installing the update if power is cut all of a sudden the Xbox one would be stuck on a green screen.

  4. Corrupted Hard Disk

    As mentioned earlier, in some cases the hard drive inside of the Xbox one might get corrupted due to viruses. In this case, the hard drive cannot read and write code properly. If this happens the Xbox one gets stuck on a green screen while playing games on it. It is the most common issue related to this problem.

How to Fix This Problem Of Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen?

Most of the time the problem can be solved by changing the corrupted hard disk. The corrupted hard disk may damage the files and the system related to it. The whole system needs a reboot to get back to the normal state. If the files are important to the user then the files and the data related to them must be recovered in the drive before formatting or rebooting it.

Several data recovering software available and this software is specially designed to restore the data to prevent any kind of damage to the files. Now let’s try to find the possible solutions when Xbox One stuck on green screen.

1. Reset the Xbox one

This is the first thing that you should try. Press the power button of the console for almost 10 seconds and wait for the system to reboot itself. If there is no other problem with it the Xbox one will start automatically after the green loading screen.

2. Update the Whole System

If the resetting process doesn’t work, you might need to update the whole system by going to support.xbox.com. Select the game and update the system required for the game. You can do that also by restoring factory defaults in the USB. Wait for the console to repair itself. After installing the update click on the yes button to keep the installed games on your Xbox One. 

3. Factory Reset the Xbox One

At first, press the eject button and then sync it. Finally, press the power button. After you hear 2 startup tones press the factory reset button to keep the games installed. The Xbox one would take a few minutes to get back to the normal state. All the games would remain stored automatically in the game drive.

4. Format the Hard Drive

If all these processes do not work you can format the hard disk. The formatting of the hard disk would lead to the loss of every data present in the Xbox.


Next time, when Xbox One stuck on the green screen follow these steps. There is nothing to worry about. This is not a big issue and would be solved by any of the methods. 

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