Dropbox: Password Saver and Vault Available Now

A number of features fixated mainly around security have been added to Dropbox in the latest update. One of the best features is the addition of a password manager, where you can store all your passwords securely. The application now features a vault, where you can store the most sensitive documents like your passport or bank account details. You can also create PC backups on your account so you no longer need to save those files every so often to a local hard drive.

Image Credit: Dropbox

Dropbox Password allows you to save all your passwords to your account (just like the Keychain in Mac that syncs your passwords to iCloud).

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Did you know that Dropbox acquired password managing application Valt last year only?

The files in your Vault will be protected from unwanted access all thanks to a six-digit pin, which you will set upon creating your Vault folder. You don’t need to worry about a hacker gaining access to your files while it’s being uploaded, downloaded, or stored on the company’s servers. All of your files will be encrypted so you can rest assured that not another soul will gain access to your stuffs.

The latest update also adds the ability to create backups for folders stored on your Mac or Windows PC directly on your account. You can choose which files to upload and they can be restored on any device as long as you are signed in to your account.

Image Credit: Dropbox

Vault and password saving features are only available for those who have subscribed to Dropbox Plus. Mobile users of Dropbox Plus will gain access to these features (currently in beta) on 16th June and the service will be expanded to other devices in the next several days. However, the PC backup feature is coming to all subscription versions of Dropbox (Basic, Professional, and Plus)

With Dropbox Family, you can have six users covered under a single bill and this feature will be available for Dropbox Plus users within the next few weeks while the company plans to roll out the feature for other subscribers later this year.


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