Bigg Boss 13 – Paras Girlfriend Akanksha Lashes Out At Asim For Calling Paras Ganja

Bigg Boss is known for ugly fights and what makes it more interesting for viewers is that sometimes contestants get personal and don’t mind body-shaming each other. Asim and Paras have not been in good terms for some time and once the former called the latter bald (ganja). Now Paras’ girlfriend Akanksha has slammed Asim for the same.

Asim Riaz
Asim Riaz

Akanksha Puri criticises Asim

During a fight, Asim called Paras ganja and taunted him for wearing a wig and it didn’t go well with Paras’ girlfriend Akanksha Puri. While talking to a leading daily, she said that if body shaming a girl is wrong then how body shaming a man is correct.

Akanksha not happy with Shefali Zariwala too

Akanksha was not happy with the manner in which Shefali has been behaving with Paras as she is a partner in crime with Asim, calls Paras a ‘ganja’ and takes a jibe at him for wearing a wig.

Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri
Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri

Why are the rest of the housemates silent?

She also questions the silence of other housemates on this matter and asks as to why they don’t defend Paras when he defends them in tough situations.

Akanksha has been quite vocal

Akanksha has been quite supportive of Paras and she has always maintained that she is proud of the way Paras has been playing. As per her, Paras was only wrong when he questioned the character of Shefali otherwise whatever he has done is correct.

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