Bigg Boss 13 – Himanshi’s Mom Lashed Out At Paras For His Cheap Comments On Himanshi’s Figure

Recently we saw how Paras Chhabra made fun of Himanshi Khurana and body-shamed her for her figure. Himanshi’s mom Sumeet Kaur lately interacted with a leading daily and spoke up on many issues. She slammed Paras for his nasty comments on Himanshi despite the fact that the latter called him brother.

Himanshi Khurana
Himanshi Khurana

Paras has crossed limits:

Himanshi’s mother is of the opinion that Paras has crossed his limits and has no stand on the show. Himanshi called him brother at the time of her entry in Bigg Boss 13; however, it’s quite sad to see that he doesn’t deserve to be entitled with it. Despite being brother, he is shown making disrespectful and despicable remarks about her figure.

Paras doesn’t know how to respect a relationship:

Paras Chhabra
Paras Chhabra

Himanshi’s mom further asks as to which brother talks cheaply about his sister. As per her, this all eventually gives an idea of his upbringing and she goes on to say that he belongs to a background where he has no sense of giving respect to a relationship.

Himanshi is very pretty:

Speaking about Himanshi’s figure, her mother says that she is quite beautiful, from inside as well as outside. She didn’t target anybody or put others down for rising in spite of receiving such kind of treatment from other housemates.

Himanshi’s engagement and closeness with Asim:

Talking about the growing closeness between Himanshi and Asim, it’s just a part of the game and it might have been shown differently for TRPs, reveals the mother of Himanshi. As far as Himanshi’s engagement is concerned, her mother disclosed that she is not actually engaged.


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