Xbox One Update: Reorganize Your Guide Tabs and More

The latest Xbox One Update also comes with live thumbnail for Mixer streams.

In its recent update to the Xbox One interface, Microsoft has added a feature to let users reorganize the order of their guide tabs. With the latest update installed, you will be able to toss the guide tabs around and arrange them the way you like. Previously, pressing the home button brought up the guide tab menu and the ‘Home’ tab would be in the middle allowing you to go right or left. The ‘Home’ tab has now moved to the far left and all other tabs are to the right. The Xbox Insiders had gotten a look into the new guide menu back in April.

Xbox One Community
Image Credit: Microsoft

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In addition to rearranging the tabs, Microsoft has also reduced the number of tabs so more features are packed into a single tab now. For instance, you will be able to see your invites, messages and party info all under the “Parties & Chats” tab. The ‘Profile and System’ tab, which is the right most by default, has the option “Customize guide tabs”. That is how you can modify the order of your tabs to your liking.

Xbox One Update
Image Credit: ComradeAaditya

The Xbox Live Community page has also been updated with the page now divided into four channels. See for yourself here. the latest update also includes the feature of live thumbnails for Mixer streams. You will be able to filter through the streams seamlessly by looking at the live thumbnails. For instance, if you wanted to watch the gameplay of a specific map in PUBG, you could very well get a sneak peek at which map the streamer is playing with the live thumbnail. Microsoft hasn’t revealed the user interface of Xbox Series X just yet but it can be speculated that it will also be very similar to that of Xbox One.


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