Surface Book 3: Old Case with New Hardware

The original Surface Book came out in 2015 and such devices were pretty unique during those days (a tablet cum laptop that could be pushed beyond limits). Surface Book 3 goes above and beyond anyone’s expectations in performance but the overall design of the device hasn’t changed at all so you still get those thick bezels and the extra shaky hinge.

Surface Book 3
Image Credit: Hiptoro

The new Surface Book features a detachable display with a 3:2 aspect ratio that supports Surface Pen and your fingers, of course and battery life itself is remarkable. However, these features were already packed into the predecessor and things users wanted fixed have not yet been addressed with the latest addition to the Surface Book lineup. I have no idea why Microsoft hasn’t pushed in a thunderbolt 3 port in the Surface Book 3 already. Are they waiting for a major sales downfall before making any significant change?

The pricing isn’t that great either. Even the base model starts at a whopping $1599 and there are definitely more capable and power packed hardware that you could get for spending that amount.

Surface Book 3
Image Credit: Microsoft

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A major overhaul compared to its predecessor is with the CPU as well as the dedicated GPU. The new device comes with 10th Generation Quad Core Intel Core i7 processor (1065G7). The 2020’s Dell XPS 13 is also powered by this processor. You also get the recently launched GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q in the dedicated graphics section and that is the GPU powering most of the low-end gaming laptops in the market today. Therefore, it would be quite off the mark to call Surface Book 3 a gaming beast but it’s not a disappointment either. If you really wanted to get the Surface Book 3, there would possibly be a single reason and that’s the screen resolution paired with a hard-to-find 3:2 aspect ratio. The screen has, without any doubt, a lot of space for multitasking with several tabs. If you don’t really care about the old design, Surface Book 3 is undoubtedly the device with best display you can get today.


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