Twitter Is Divided After Asim & Shefali’s Friendship Ended Over Captaincy Task

Friendships are pretty difficult to maintain in the house of Bigg Boss and in order to win the captaincy task, the friendship between BB13 contestants Asim Riaz and Shefali Zariwala came to an end. Both the contestants are not even in a mood to reconcile but their fans definitely want them to be friends again.

Asim Riaz
Asim Riaz

The captaincy task

In this task, the contestants will receive the letter from their family members but if another contestant gets hold of it and shreds it, he/she will be a contender of becoming the captain. When Asim got the hold of Shefali’s letter, he didn’t even think twice before shredding it even when he is a pretty good friend of Shefali.

Shefali is quite upset

Shefali was quite upset with the behaviour of Asim as she didn’t expect this to happen. However, Asim expressed his annoyance by saying as to how he can keep everyone happy because he also has to play the game. Shefali made it clear to Asim that she would not be supporting him in the future, adding that she saw Sidharth Shukla in him.

Shefali Zariwala
Shefali Zariwala

Twitterati reacted:

The micro-blogging site Twitter got flooded with reactions as some fans criticised Asim while several others supported him and there were few who wanted both of them to be friends again.

Check out some reactions:

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