PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: Go Disc-Free Next Gen

There will also be a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition console alongside the base PlayStation 5.

Sony has revealed that PlayStation 5 will be getting two versions (one with optical disc drive and the other being digital only) at launch. As seen on the reveal event, the PS5 Digital Edition looks pretty sleek because it lacks an optical disc drive and therefore can’t be used as a Blu-ray player. The next gen console from Sony looks fairly thick in the lower right (in vertical position), where the optical disc drive is placed.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition also lacks one button on the front, which is most probably the ‘Eject Disc’ button. The version having disc drive has two buttons on the front, one being the ‘Power’ button and the other probably for disc ejection. We can’t be exactly sure about what the extra button on the front in the Disc supporting version would do because Sony hasn’t yet shown the PS5 running in real life.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
Image Credit: Sony

The pricing for PlayStation 5 was not made public in the hardware reveal event. Microsoft had also adopted a similar approach with Xbox Series X. One thing is for sure though. The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition cannot be used as a Blu Ray player so it will definitely cost slightly lower than the standard model.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
Image Credit: Sony

Did you know that Xbox One S All Digital Edition costs $50 less than the standard model? We are expecting a similar variance with the two editions of PS5.

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There won’t be any difference in the gameplay experience on these consoles so if you don’t really plan on watching much Blu-ray and would rather prefer purchasing all your games digitally rather than lining up at Walmart every year to get your hands on that new ‘Call of Duty’, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is made for you.



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