iPhone SE (2020): Advanced Hardware But Old Case

Don’t be fooled by its design! iPhone SE packs some serious power inside that old case!

The new iPhone SE’s design does match with that of the good old iPhone 8 and by today’s standards, it looks and feels pretty old but the A13 bionic chip with integrated neural engine take things to the next level. For those who don’t really care about how their phone looks but want to experience the power of current generation Apple hardware, iPhone SE is the way to go without making a hole in their purse.

iPhone SE
Image Credit: Apple

At the price of Rs. 42500, there are many beefy and oh-so-modern looking Android phones you could get. However, those phones do look modern and run smoothly for a few months and the companies only do a little to keep supporting the phone over the next few years. Apple, on the other hand, goes all hands on deck to optimize the applications and release regular updates for their devices so you can except your iPhone SE to work like a charm for the next couple of years.

One of the things I couldn’t miss is the fact that iPhone SE’s screen size is no different than that of iPhone 8 at 4.7 inches. You wouldn’t be too wrong if you referred to iPhone SE as a refurbished iPhone 8 with upgraded internals. Even the bezels are same with that fingerprint sensor cum home button at the bottom of the screen. At first, I was concerned because I had upgraded from an iPhone 8 to a phone that looked exactly like iPhone 8 but things got better when I navigated through my iPhone SE. iOS 13 felt so crisp and snappy and the apps responded the way I wanted them to. Weighing in at 148g and the thickness just 7.3mm, iPhone SE is the right choice for those who want a compact and elegant device. All in all, the iPhone SE is the one best phone you can get if you are in the market for a new one or just looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade to the current generation Apple hardware if you already own an iPhone from the previous years.


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