Here’s How You Can Watch Disney Plus on Switch

Disney Plus on Switch

Can’t find Disney Plus app on Nintendo Switch Store? Neither can I!

You won’t even find Amazon Prime in that Store, let alone Netflix. While it’s true that Disney Plus has a bunch of kid content on-demand, Disney has done only little to bring its app to Switch Store.

Those who have plans on watching the latest episodes of Riverdale this Friday evening on their Switch over a bag of Doritos should stop daydreaming because your console does not support even the most popular streaming app (and that would be Netflix, of course)!

But if you were planning to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you are in for a treat! At least you have got Hulu on Switch Store (and YouTube as well).

Disney Plus on Switch
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Kids are more likely to have access to a Switch than to something made solely for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and sometimes, making a call. That being said, we still don’t know what Disney is waiting for bring its app to Nintendo Switch Store. Here’s something you need to know! Since Hulu and YouTube work like a charm on Switch, Netflix and Disney Plus are no different because all these apps are meant for streaming videos so Nintendo isn’t to be blamed here!

Whether to bring the official Disney Plus app to Switch lies entirely in the hands of Disney. There was once a promo, which showed Disney Plus running on Switch, but the developers probably took that advertisement with a pinch of salt.

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For now, all you can do is hope that the developers at Disney will bring a Switch version of their app in the days to come. In case Disney Plus pops up on Switch Store, we will make sure that this article is updated with the very info.

Disney Plus Pricing

Disney Plus comes at $6.99 a month. Paying for a whole year at once will cost you $13.89 cheaper than if your subscription were to renew every other month.

Disney Plus is available in most of the markets and you can click here to check the service’s availability and pricing in your region.

Disney Plus on switch
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There hasn’t been any official announcement from Disney regarding the app’s arrival to Nintendo Switch. However, with the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X and more people dying to get their hands on these next-gen consoles, Nintendo might have to tie up all the loose ends for clearing Switch’s stocks.

Accessing Disney Plus Contents on Switch

Some of Disney’s greatest hits are also available on YouTube Premium or Hulu Plus so you might be lucky if the movie you are planning to watch is streaming on one of these services. There’s no way you could access all of Disney Plus’s contents on Nintendo Switch as though you would if you had the official app installed.

Installing Android on Switch

You can install Disney Plus on a Switch running Android but that’s a voyage only a few would ever venture to make. You would also void your warranty by wiping the console’s built-in OS. Moreover, a thousand things could go wrong while changing the system on your console so I highly recommend that you stick to Hulu and YouTube for now. We will also be publishing a guide for flashing your Switch’s ROM and installing Android.

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