BB3 Winner Vindu Dara Singh Feels Sidharth Ko Nazar Lag Gayi After He Got Hospitalised

Sidharth Shukla, the Bigg Boss 13 contestant, has been admitted in hospital because of typhoid which has made his fans and supporters quite worried. The micro-blogging site Twitter is flooded with tweets as #GetWellSoonSidharth starts trending and Sid’s ardent supporter Vindu Dara Singh feels that Sid has become prey to an evil eye.

Sidharth Shukla
Sidharth Shukla

Sidharth was not well for some time

Sid was suffering with typhoid for quite some time but he was in no mood to leave the house and wanted to remain in the game. However, things turned ugly as his health got affected adversely and he had to be hospitalized. Also read about, Jhanvi Kapoor Wiki, Manyata Dutt Wiki.

It’s his birthday

What’s hurting Sidharth Shukla’s fans and supporters the most is the fact that he was admitted in hospital on his birthday. They would have loved to see Sid celebrating his birthday inside the house which couldn’t happen.

Vindu Dara Singh speaks up

Vindu Dara Singh, the former contestant and winner of Bigg Boss 3, has been a strong supporter of Sid and he has always slammed those who have fought with Sid, especially Asim Riaz. After Sid got admitted, Vindu also took to Twitter and expressed his disappointment by saying that this trend is very sad and ‘Sid ko nazar lag gayi’.

Typhoid is nothing

Vindu also said in reference to Sid that when the whole house was against him, then also nothing happened to him so this typhoid would not be able to affect him.

Is he targeting someone?

Vindu Dara Singh
Vindu Dara Singh

In his second tweet, Vindu says that some of the medical sites have written that typhoid is caused due to contaminated food and water. As Sid was inside the house of Bigg Boss, is Vindu targeting any inmate for this condition of Sidharth Shukla?

Sidharth was in secret room from where he was sent to hospital and Bigg Boss will soon let the inmates know about it.


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