Xbox One Emulators for PC: Working in 2021

Xbox One Emulators for PC will let you play Xbox One games directly on your PC without buying an actual Xbox One. Just find the emulator that works best for you from the list included in this guide. A single emulator may not work well with every game you want to play so try downloading others if one doesn’t work for you.

What is an Emulator and How Will it Save Me $299?

Instead of investing on a real Xbox One, you can have exact similar Xbox One experience on your PC, provided that it’s powerful enough to handle the emulator. Keep in mind that you must have horrendously powerful hardware to run any of these emulators. If your PC has just around 4GB of RAM, don’t even try installing these emulators (it will be a waste of time).

You must have heard about BlueStacks. It allows you to play Android games on your Windows 10 PC. There’s GameLoop especially designed for playing PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile on PC. PPSSPP runs the good old PSP games on Windows and even on Android. These are just a few examples of established emulators that work without any issues. However, if you are to search for an Xbox One Emulator on Google, you will be overwhelmed with the results. I mean, there are quite a lot of emulators to choose from and some of them are disastrously optimized. To help you finding the best Xbox One Emulator for PC, our team sat down to test every emulator available and came up with a list including only those that work the best.

Pros and Cons of Using Xbox One Emulators for PC

While it’s true that an Xbox One Emulator will save you hundreds of dollars, the experience you have won’t be as amazing if compared to a real Xbox One. Your games will run fine but the multiplayer functionality may not work. You will frequently run into errors if your hardware does not meet the emulator’s requirements.


  1. Unlike Xbox One console, Xbox One emulators for PC are available for free and even the games can be downloaded at no extra cost.
  2. The game’s resolution depends on your PC’s native screen resolution. If you have a 1080p screen, you are good to go.
Xbox One Emulators on PC
Image Credit: Junior Johny


Some of these cons are so disheartening that you might even give up playing Xbox One games on PC using an emulator.

  1. Frame Drops: Nobody likes playing at lower frame rates. Any game’s performance won’t be satisfactory in an emulator.
  2. Since emulation is a pretty CPU intensive task, high CPU usage may cause your PC to overheat. We highly recommend keeping an eye on your CPU temperature if you are using any of these Xbox One Emulators on a laptop.
Xbox One Emulator on PC
Image Credit: CXBXR Developer

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Xbox One Emulators for PC


This one is originally a Xbox 360 Emulator but it works fine with Xbox One games too. Only downside of this emulator is the GUI, which may be quite difficult to navigate for first time users. Most of the Xbox 360 games run smoothly and same goes for Xbox One games.

CXBX Emulator

The installation procedure of this emulator is a cakewalk. This emulator offers better performance due to its feature of converting native Xbox game files into Windows executable ones. With CXBX, you can even run the Xbox Software Development Kit on your PC.

The system requirements for this emulator are quite high so not all of you will be able to run it on your PC. To make things worse, this emulator supports only a few games so this is not the right choice if you plan on playing the latest games.

Xeon Emulator

This is the most stable Xbox One Emulator on our list. It also features the Xbox Backup Creator and includes a instruction manual teaching how to emulate games. Only the NTSC version of Halo can be emulated on Xeon Emulator. Unfortunately, the developers have given up working on this software so you won’t be getting any updates or bug fixes in the future.

Xenia Emulator

This emulator ran over 50 most popular titles on Xbox One and Xbox 360. You should definitely give it a try and figure out if the game you want to play works on this emulator.

DXBX Emulator

DXBX and CXBX share the source code but you could say DXBX is a more evolved form of CXBX. It has a a few built in features not available on CXBX. DXBX runs on x86 version of Windows only so this isn’t an option for users running the x64 version.


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