The Best Software for Converting, Compressing, and Editing Digital Files

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a satisfactory all-in-one tool. You need to doubt the reviews, but at least you need to try it yourself as you also want to find the best programs that will help you with the workflow. Fortunately, AnyRec Screen Recorder is 100% safe to convert, compress, and merge files. In this post, you will learn more about this multifunctional tool and how it safely and securely edits files any way you like.

Brief Introductions to the Best Converter, Editor, and Compressor

AnyRec Video Converter is an uprising desktop software for Windows and Mac. It has all the tools you need for video and audio files. As the software is multifunctional, it gives you the right features for compressing, editing, and converting files. It lessens your worries about supported output formats because even the rarest formats like M3U8, AMR, and DTR can be converted to hundreds of output formats, including MP4, WMV, and MKV. Even with the designed video compressor for Discord, you can minimize the file size of a video file without distorting the original video quality. Likewise, the built-in features can enhance, modify, and beautify video and audio files with GPU acceleration and AI technology.

Main Features of AnyRec Video Converter

The main features of AnyRec Video Converter consist of Converter, Ripper, MV, Collage, and Toolbox. This part will discuss how these powerful features operate and how they are beneficial to your digital files. Let’s dig in.

  1. Video and Audio Converter

As the name suggested, AnyRec Video Converter is mainly about converting video and audio files. When you use the converter, you can import any supported video file, even allowing you to convert M3U8 to MP4. Other than that, there is also device presets provided so you can convert the video or audio to be compatible with Apple, Sony, LG, HTC, and other popular devices.

The converter is not merely to change the output format, but it also provides the best editing tools to help you enhance and optimize the video files. With Star Wand, Scissors, and Palette, you can easily apply filters, change aspect ratio, crop, create a watermark, etc. Saving the output file to your device can be any folder you want with the help of the Save To drop-down list.


  1. MV

The next one is MV, where you can compile and edit video files. It is suitable for creating a video for an anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, wedding, and school project. It provides the best theme to choose the right one for the occasion. The best part of MV is you can import videos in different formats, but as you finish compiling them in a beautiful theme, you get to export them into one format. AnyRec Video Converter’s MV is the


  1. Collage

AnyRec Video Converter’s Collage is a little bit similar to MV. However, it allows you to compile videos with style. The template provided for this feature enables you to add more than 13 video files and simultaneously play them. You can move the smaller frames around or change the borders with various colors, sizes, and designs.


  1. Toolbox

Lastly, Toolbox holds most of the functional tools of AnyRec Video Converter. It has over 15 various programs where you can precisely edit video and audio files, especially if you have problems with too large file size, video playback speed, or delayed audio from a video. For a more elaborative description of the tools, read the following:


  • Media Metadata Editor– allows you to input or rename the title, artist, album, composer, genre, year, track, and cover photo of a digital file.
  • Video Compressor– compresses audio and video files in the best output quality.  Format, resolution, and bitrate are also changeable in this tool.
  • GIF Maker– creates GIF files with video and image files. You can directly convert MOV to GIF files with the desired clips.
  • 3D Maker– allows users to customize 3D from a 2D file.
  • Video Enhancer- enhances video by upscaling resolution, removing video noise, optimizing brightness & contrast, and reducing video shakiness.
  • Video Trimmer– perfectly cuts and trims video in preferred length.
  • Video Merger– merges and compiles multiple videos in one file.
  • Video Cropper– crops unnecessary parts of the footage.
  • Color Correction– correct any video file’s color.
  • Video Speed Controller– adds or reduces video speed smoothly.
  • Video Reverser– reverses video by starting from the last to the first frame.
  • Video Rotator– flips and rotates a video to the desired angle.
  • Volume Booster– boosts audio from a video file.
  • Audio Sync– synchronizes audio from a video.


Learning about AnyRec Video Converter has given you the best choice for any video editing concerns. AnyRec Video Converter holds not only many valuable features but also an affordable price in the market. You can easily use it to convert, edit, compress, and add effects on your videos.

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