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Sushila Charak is the mother of Bollywood’s superstar, Salman Khan. Also, she is a proud housewife. Besides, she demands high respect from all corners. After all, she raised Salman Khan with the utmost care and catered to his robust growth. Sushila Ma’am always ensured that she teaches the etiquettes and manners to all her children. Besides, she is the proud mother of Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan too. The Khan trio is such a popular name in the Bollywood arena! Sushila means a woman with a tender nature and strong character in Hindi. Truly, Ma’am gives justice to this name.

Moreover, she is very benevolent not only towards her children but everyone in general. Also, the paparazzi often spot her talking to random people down the street. Truly, she is an inspiration for all of us! Also, Sushila Ma’am is a blessing for all her children. On numerous occasions, Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail all praise her a lot. Indeed, this is a proud moment for Ma’am! Also, she is so happy to see all her sons doing so well in the film industry. Besides, she is proud that all of her sons treat her so well. Although they garner so much attention, name and fame, they never forget her at all. After all, they all were nurtured by Sushila Ma’am. Moreover, everyone respects her in Bollywood circles. Salman Bhai takes extra care of her.

Sushila Charak

Sushila Charak
Sushila Charak

Childhood and Family

Sushila Charak was born in the year 1946. Besides, she is around 77 years in age as of now. However, we do not know the exact birth date and birth location as of now. Also, she likes to keep these things concealed to a few close relatives only. Which is quite fair, considering the fact that privacy is of paramount importance for anyone. It does not matter if you are a superstar or a beggar. Everyone needs some privacy. It always commands respect. Moreover, Sushila Ma’am was born into a staunch Hindu family. She hails from a Marathi background as well.

Also, Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan are their proud sons. Besides, Salman Khan is the most famous of the trio. He is a Bollywood megastar. Also, he made his debut in the 90s and has never looked back since then. He is one of the most famous and recognised Bollywood actor across India. Also, many circles outside India know him a lot as well.

Sushila Charakwith her family
Sushila Charak with her family

He has earned thousands of international fans from Europe, America and other places too. Ma’am’s son Sohail Khan is a very famous film producer in the industry. He also works as an astute actor and writer too. Besides, he is the face behind the direction of many movies as well. Moreover, Arbaaz Khan is the third son of Sushila Ma’am. He is as good as his brother Sohail Khan.

The duo often works together and produce, direct and write films. Many of them are super-duper hits at the box office too! You might have already seen or heard quite a few of them. Besides, she has a daughter namely Alvira Khan Agnihotri too. She is a very renowned designer in the realms of fashion and is a popular movie producer as well. Also, read about Arshi Khan Wiki

Personal Life

Sushila Ma’am accomplished her schooling from some unknown school. However, we do not know much about those details as of now. Also, we are unsure if she is a graduate or not. If yes, there is little information about those petty details. If no, we have no clue about her educational qualification too. Hence, it is unwise to try and delve deeper into these details.

Moreover, Sushila Ma’am is an ardent fan of watching erstwhile Bollywood films as well. She is an avid lover of the stereotypical Bollywood romantic films that used to air in the 20th Century. Especially, she is an astute fan of the Tragedy Queen of Bollywood. Yes, she is none other than the legendary actor Meena Kumari. Sushila Ma’am has watched every film of her.

Sushila Charak with her family and friends
Sushila Charak with her family and friends

Mostly, she would buy tickets multiple times and re-watch her films! Some of Ma’am’s favourite Meena Kumari films include Azaad, Sahara, Parineeta, Pakeezah, Phool Aur Patthar and a few others. Moreover, she was such a famous actor that she won several awards too. Some of the films which ended up winning awards on her name include Baiju Bawra, Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam and Kaajal.

She was always so versatile in acting. Sushila Ma’am passed her leisure time, childhood and adulthood watching her films. Also, Ma’am loves to listen to the legendary Bollywood playback singer, Kishore Kumar. After all, everyone loves him a lot even today. He has one of the most mellifluous voices of all times!


Sushila Ma'am with Salman
Sushila Ma’am with Salman

There is nothing much to be said about her career. She was a housewife and relaxes with her sons and daughter as of now.


Sushila Charak with her son Salman Khan
Sushila Charak with her son Salman Khan

For more than half a decade, Sushila Ma’am dated Salim Khan Sir! Later, in the year 1964, they tied the knots. Sushila Charak became Salma Khan afterwards. She lived with Helen, Salim’s other wife too! They had a few troubles first up, but the duo reconciled. However, all the children were aiding Sushila Ma’am. Salman Bhai took utmost care of her and stays with her till date. Indeed, a true megastar! He never fails to win all of our hearts.

Sushila Charak Wiki and Biography

Sushila Charak Strongwoman
Sushila Charak Strongwoman
  • Name: Sushila Charak
  • Date of Birth: Some date in 1946
  • Age: Approximately 77
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Weight: 55 kgs
  • Birth Place: Unknown
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Religion: Hindu turned into a Muslim
  • Caste: Unknown
  • Hometown: Unknown
  • Profession: Housewife
  • School: Unknown
  • College: Unknown
  • Educational Qualification: Unknown
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband/ Spouse: Salim Khan
  • Father: Unknown
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Skin Colour: Between Fair and Tan
  • Eye Colour: Black
  • Hair Colour: Black and White
  • Hobbies: Unknown
  • Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign: Unknown
  • Favourite Place: Unknown
  • Net Worth: Unknown

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