Ram Jethmalani Wiki – Famous Lawyer, Indian Bar Council Chairman and Famous Philanthropist

Ram Jethmalani was an extremely popular lawyer in India. Besides, he was a genius at work. Also, he fought an umpteen number of cases. Mostly, he was famous for fighting severe criminal cases. In most of the cases, he succeeded after finding fault lines in the Indian Judiciary System and the Penal Code. Moreover, he was very versatile as a lawyer. He was the numero uno lawyer in India. Always, he could interpret the case better than anyone else.

Ram Jethmalani
Ram Jethmalani

Also, he fought the severe cases of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi assassinations. Besides, Ram was a highly reputed and successful lawyer. Also, he was a maestro at protecting several criminals too. Some of those included Afzal Guru, Haji Mastan and a few others as well. In most of the times, he would succeed in saving their cases and probably lives too. However, he was equally criticised by the common public and media for aiding the perpetrators. However, this did not bog him down and he continued his controversial job. Hence, let us embark on a beauteous journey of Ram’s life and career. Surely, you will get to know something new about him as you read further. Happy reading! Also read about, Rita Bhaduri, Ganesh Acharya.

Ram Jethmalani

Childhood and Family

Ram Boolchand Jethmalani was born on the 14th of September in the year 1923. Besides, he lived for 95 years before facing demise. Also, he was born in the town of Shikarpur located in the Sindh Province. As of now, this place is located in Pakistan. Moreover, Ram was born into a staunch Hindu family. Besides, he hailed from a Sindhi background. However, he was not born with a silver spoon and worked really hard in the initial stages. Additionally, he was quite calm as a child. He was without much fuss. Always, he wanted to make his parents proud.

Ram Jethmalani with his family
Ram Jethmalani with his family

Moreover, Ram’s father was namely Boolchand Gurmukhdas Jethmalani. He was a popular figure in India and Pakistan. Also, his mother was namely Parbati Boolchand. She was a reputed housewife. Also, she managed all the household chores and managed the family as well. Whereas Ram and his father would manage all the routine outdoor work. This kind of synchronisation is a must in all families. It enables much effective work distribution, ensuring that none of the family members gets fatigued by a truckload of work. Moreover, Ram credits his parents for aiding him throughout the crests and troughs faced in everyday life. He is extremely grateful to them. Always, a child must keep this in mind that his/her parents are the best people they will ever come across in life!

Personal Life

Ram Boolchand Jethmalani was a scholar right from early childhood days. His parents knew that their child would accomplish something of substance soon. Also, Ram accomplished his primary, secondary and high schooling from the extremely popular Sindh Model School. It is located in the town of Sukkur in Sindh, Pakistan as of now. Besides, he always wanted to achieve much more in terms of academics. Hence, he joined the Bombay University.

From there, he accomplished a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Law. Popularly, it is called a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. Thereafter, he decided to pursue a Master’s Degree. Hence, he joined the Bombay University in order to pursue it. There, he accomplished a Master’s Degree in Law. From these 2 degrees, he achieved much practical and theoretical learning.


After accomplishing academics, Ram always wanted to achieve something really great in the field of Law. Besides, he always had a keen interest in this field. Always, he used to read several vernaculars and get intrigued by all the cases he read about. He simulated all of them in his mind as well. Later, he commenced a law career in Mumbai after partition. Moreover, he worked really hard. As a result, he became the Chief Justice of India later too! Indeed, this was an astounding achievement! Besides, he became a famous professor at Wayne State University in the USA as well in the field of Comparative Law.

Ram Jethmalani
Ram Jethmalani

Later, he became a successful Chairman of the much famous Indian Bar Council as well. There, he served for many years. Later, he also contested the general elections and won a seat in the Upper House or Rajya Sabha. Thereafter, he served as a Union Minister in many portfolios too. Also, he was touted to be one of the most controversial lawyers of all times!


Moreover, Ram tied the knots with Durga and Ratna. He has several children from both of them too.

Ram Jethmalani Wiki and Biography

Ram Jethmalani
Ram Jethmalani
  • Name: Ram Jethmalani
  • Date of Birth: 14th September 1923
  • Age: 95
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inch
  • Weight: 65 kgs
  • Birth Place: Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Nationality: Pakistani
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Caste: Sindhi
  • Hometown: Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Profession: Lawyer
  • School: Sindh Model School, Sindh
  • College: Bombay University, Mumbai
  • Educational Qualification: Postgraduate
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wife/ Spouse: Durga and Ratan
  • Father: Boolchand Jethmalani
  • Mother: Parbati Boolchand
  • Skin Colour: Fair
  • Eye Colour: Black
  • Hair Colour: White
  • Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign: Virgo
  • Favourite Place: Unknown
  • Net Worth: More than 26 Crore Rupees approximately


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