PlayStation 5 Overheating: 4 Ways to Fix!

We have received reports of PlayStation 5 overheating while playing Call of Duty Warzone. This guide will walk you through the troubleshooting steps for preventing your already white console from going all white on a thermal scope.

PlayStation 5 Overheating
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Reasons for PlayStation 5 Overheating

Missing an Update?

Call of Duty Warzone on PlayStation 5 gets updated every once in a while, and the game is so huge because Activision keeps adding new stuffs all the time. Hidden among those massive season updates are errors and glitches that are fixed in the following patches. Occasionally, some of those errors can be so bad that they can push your system a little bit off the edge and cause overheating issues.

State of the Art Console Placement That Allows Zero Air Flow

Now there are a whole bunch of ways you can play your PlayStation 5 and some of those placements you see on Pinterest are a sight to behold but fancy placements can choke your console. For instance, surrounding your console with stacks of old discs and self-help books (which you pretend to read but never apply anything from) is a sick idea.

Direct Heat Source

Is your PlayStation 5 very near to the radiator in your living room? Relocate your console immediately at least 2 meters away from heat sources. Draw the curtains during mid-day because that’s when it gets too hot and your console may not dissipate heat properly if your room’s temperature is high.

Power Source for Your Console

If you are running your PlayStation 5 on an inverter battery, it will run fairly hotter compared to running the console off your local electricity provider’s line. We are not getting into the science behind why the temperature difference. Keep in mind that it’s safer to run your console by connecting it to the wall outlet directly (you really don’t need to use a surge protector).

Fixing an Overheating PlayStation 5

You are now familiar with the possible reasons why your PlayStation 5 console is overheating when playing Call of Duty Warzone. Let’s get right into fixing that up!

Immediately Shut Down Your PlayStation 5

If you notice that your PlayStation 5 is showing atypical signs like it’s beeping or making grinding noise and you feel like something bad is about to happen, shut it down immediately. The console’s explorer (or user interface or whatever you call it) may not work the way it’s supposed to if the system is actually overheating. Consider pulling the cord off if you can’t get your console to shut down manually by pressing the buttons on your controller. An abruptly shut console with a few corrupt files is the way to go rather than an overheated console, which no longer boots up.

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Check for Updates

After letting your console cool down for a good 30 minutes, turn it back on and check for system updates. Games are automatically updated on PlayStation 5 but just to make sure everything’s on track, manually check for updates to Warzone by pressing the ‘Options’ button on your controller. Once the updates are installed, restart your console and see if the overheating issue persists.

PlayStation 5 Overheating
Image Credit: Activision

Relocate Your Console

Putting your PlayStation 5 inside that hollow cavity bored in the TV rack looks great but this placement can interfere with airflow because there are wooden barriers on the sides. Try placing your PlayStation 5 on top of a table and make sure it’s the only thing on that table apart from the HDMI and power cables.

Maybe the Vents are Clogged

If you see that your vents are covered in dust and bunny hair and you really can’t get them all out, you might have to remove the outer coverings of your console for performing a thorough dusting. You can check YouTube for tutorials on cleaning your PlayStation 5’s vents, where they will also teach you how to not let dust build-up on the console over time.

As long as you don’t pour Isopropyl alcohol through those vents or use a high-speed blower, your console will be safe. Some of those tutorials will ask you to open the screws on your console but be advised that messing with the screws can void your warranty. Tread with caution!

Reset Your Console

If nothing works and your PlayStation 5 is still overheating, you can try doing a factory reset but that’s going to be a relatively long process. Move all of your games from the internal storage to an external hard drive (if you have one) and perform a factory reset.

Nothing seems to work? You might want to contact Sony and figure out a solution for this issue at its earliest.

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