3 Best AD Blocker For Chromebook That You Should Try To Avoid Unnecessary Pop-ups

Are you tired of all the Ad pop-ups whenever you use Chromebook? Or while you are working, do ad pop-ups slow you down and make you frustrated? Well, then don’t be anxious as there is software that helps you to block out online ads completely. Pop-up Blockers or Ad Blockers are the tools that could help you block those pesky little online ads.

Several domains and apps utilize ads as a way to monetize themselves. So, it is natural for AD Blocker software to gain popularity as people seem to be irritated by so many ad pop-ups. These pop-up blockers help the users to get an improved online experience.

Ad Blocker operate in two ways- One is DNS BLOCKING: it is a technique that makes it difficult for other people to locate any website or a domain name on the browser. It means to block any spam from a suspected IP address.

Another way is SCRIPT-BLOCKING: this technique blocks cookies from a website before getting permission to perform anything by the user. This process is needed by the cookie law, which is an ePrivacy directive.

Best Ad Blockers for Chromebook That You Should Install For Excellent User Experience 

  1. AdLock


This is one of the most fantastic software that removes and eliminates pop-ups from social networking sites or other domains.

You may get a free version for your chrome and safari, which would block all the unnecessary pop-ups. You could also block ads on different applications. The Android version costs twenty dollars annually or fifty dollars for the lifetime. The Desktop version retails for forty dollars annually and hundred dollars for lifetime access. The main aspect of buying this software is that it provides a thirty-day refund policy.

  • Free extension available for chrome and safari users.
  • The software blocks the ad on Windows and Android, specifically upon- Youtube, Games, Skype, and other programs.
  • It helps to secure your private information as well.

2. Adblock Plus

AD Blocker for chromebook
AD Blocker for chromebook


One of the most popular and the best ad blockers for Chromebook available is AdBlock Plus. This open-source software operates conveniently with any mobile or desktop browser, such as Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It has personalized filters, and you can also form a blocking list according to requirements.

While using this software, you have the liberty to do whitelisting. It is open-source and eliminates pop-ups on Facebook and other social media handles. You are free to decide and select on which websites you do not want this blocker to function.

  • It is free of cost.
  • You can block the pop-ups on both iOS and Android.
  • Unlike other blockers, the companies have the freedom to fill out a form and add themselves to the whitelist.
  • It helps you to browse the world wide web without any disturbances and rapidly.

3. Ghostery

AD Blocker
AD Blocker

This best Ad Blocker for Chromebook is known to maintain your experience of using the websites in a cleaner, secure, and more durable way. Ghostery is a free ad blocker software and has a smart blocking technique that helps you by having a positive experience while surfing the net and blocking unwanted ads. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly framework and is a preferred choice for every user.

Currently, Ghostery is in collaboration with Edge, Cliqz, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It includes personal browsers for iOS and Android mobile users.

  • It keeps your details and information secure, and that is why it stands out from the crowd because of its tracking analysis.
  • It is easily available and free of cost.
  • It can personalize the ads.
  • It contains private browsers for mobile users.


Many best ad blockers for Chromebook come with additional and simple-to-use functions so that users can have a great experience while browsing the web. The main aspect which deserves to be mentioned is the whitelisting and acceptable ads.

Another beneficial function that this software offers is content filtration. What this does is put a stop to any inappropriate content. Due to fierce competition in the market, several products are available. One aspect or feature that should be thought about is the price.

The free version of some best ad blockers for Chromebook enables the types of appropriate ads, which in turn allows a few sites to make revenue. Nevertheless, you may pay yearly if you desire to block out each pop-up.

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