10 best sites to find copyright-free music for videos

For every video ever made and produced, background music is one of the most vital parts of it. It makes your video worth watching and grabs the attention of your audience. Background music helps depict a scene’s emotion and conveys the message effectively.


While adding background music to any video, one of the most important factors that should be considered is the copyright issues. There is various kind of copyright issues for different kind of musical works. Some sites offer free music downloads with no copyright issues to ensure your work’s protection.

In this modern world, selecting the right soundtrack to grab your audience’s attention from start to finish is very important in video marketing. You must rely on good sites offering free music downloads with no copyright to make your videos more impactful and captivating. Most of the soundtracks that you find online will have copyright issues and cannot guarantee the safety of your video. Fortunately, we present you with the ten best sites to find copyright-free music for videos.

  • Premium Beat

Premium Beat has a collection of various soundtracks that will be perfect for your next video. They are owned by Shutterstock and have thoughtfully organized over 15,000 soundtracks that can be segmented by artist, mood, genre, instruments, and duration.

  • Epidemic Sound

Epidemic sound has a huge fan base and is featured on Facebook and YouTube with over 25 million views. They will provide you with some high-quality soundtracks and will help turn your video into the best possible version of it.

  • Soundstripe

Till now, the partners of Soundstripe have collaborated with over 90 artists and provided over 50 playlists that can be classified into a wide range of genres.

  • Artlist

The partners of Artlist will help you create various tracks that can be filtered by genre, mood, instrument, theme, and tempo. They have also helped companies like Microsoft, Toyota, and National Geography with their background music.

  • Music vine

It has collaborated with several independent artists and produced more than 2000 soundtracks that can be segmented by vibe, style, vocals, theme, and mood.

  • Bensound

They have a variety of tracks from acoustic, cinematic, folk, and corporate to urban, electronica, groove, pop, rock world, jazz, and many more.

  • ccMixter

The process of this particular website is very thorough and helps you create the perfect soundtrack for your video without copyright issues.

  • Filmstro

It will provide you with a variety of creative possibilities that you can select when creating your video. It has worked with over 100 original tracks for videos and films as well as for commercial projects.

  • Pond5

It will offer you different soundtracks that you can filter by genre, vibe, environment, vocals, mood, and duration of the video.

  • Audio Jungle

Audio jungle will provide you with a collection of many soundtracks and music clips. The best part of Audio jungle is they constantly update their music collection and playlist to make your work more efficient.

After putting so much effort into your video, the worst part is when it gets taken down only due to some minor copyright issues. With the help of all these given websites, you can avoid copyright issues and continue your work smoothly. It will provide you with the best free music download no copyright soundtracks.

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